Judge us by the company we keep.

Scott Fabean provided excellent service throughout the entire process of selecting, negotiating, designing and moving into our new office space. Scott’s financial expertise saved our firm valuable time and money. His ability to work with the multiple parties involved in the overall transaction was extremely helpful.

Scott has been available to resolve issues well after our move-in date. He continues to be a valuable resource to our firm.

Betty R. McGuire, Administrative Director

Burns White LLC

Scott and his team provide clear, detailed, and accurate communications. Further, they bring expert knowledge and integrity and have zero conflicts of interest as they only represent tenants. Their exhaustive process and detailed analyses have saved me time in my presentations to our senior leadership. Specifically, I would like to mention two recent projects for our law firm:

Renewal. We were a couple of weeks away from signing a renewal lease at one of our locations. Our local people had engaged a broker who negotiated the business terms and delivered their final results. Bottom-line, I felt they could have negotiated a more aggressive deal. Fortunately, Scott contacted our firm and introduced his services. In a very short period of time, he renegotiated our renewal and achieved the following:

1. Reduced base rent by 9.8%
2. Reduced annual rent escalations by 20%
3. Eliminated our CAPEX obligation
4. Improved Base year for tax and OPEX escalations
5. Reduced term from 7 years to 5 years
6. Added termination option at 3 years
7. Added signage for the firm

In short, Scott listened to our objectives and goals for the site and executed brilliantly. His team reduced our budgets by over $200K. By the way, this was only for 5,500 SF. Scott cared more about this small project than others seem to on much larger projects – the difference was in the details.

Sublease. Within a month of being engaged, Scott and his team also surfaced a quality subtenant for our headquarters location in Indianapolis. While we were exposed to $1.5MM in rent, they saved nearly $1.1MM off our bottom line.

These two projects occurred in a span of four months from my first meeting with Scott. I have worked with many brokers over the years and I am especially impressed by Scott’s knowledge of how law firms work, his ability to listen, and most importantly his ability to perform on our behalf.

Scott and his team are true professionals in every sense of the word and have created significant value for our firm in a very short period of time. They deliver!

Thomas T. Kmiecik, COO
Krieg DeVault LLP


“Executes Brilliantly”

“They Deliver”

We interviewed local and national real estate groups for our requirement. Scott only represents tenants and corporate users. I am extremely pleased we chose Scott Fabean to head up our headquarters relocation project of over 100K SF.

He is a passionate advocate in every sense. He was skillful in finding us the best location and negotiating an incredible lease. Scott’s greatest strength is his attention to detail while leading us as a strategic partner to see the big picture. Being conflict free attracted us to Scott and his team from the outset.

Scott is an expert negotiator. On just one project, we estimate his Value-Add to our firm was over $79MM. He is assertive and employs his knowledge, creativity, and experience to our benefit. You will know it once you meet him and his results speak for themselves. He is a consummate chess player.

His team is replete with attentive listeners. We spend a lot of time with them dreaming about possibilities as we move forward. They produce an environment that turns those dreams into realities. Whether in dealing with legal review, architects, engineers, contractors, or moving companies, Fischer keeps us focused on our goals and objectives. Their imprint can be seen in the efficiency of our space. In the same space we occupied before our move we were able to include acquisitions of two additional firms and hiring laterals in the same amount of space after our move.

David B. White, CEO & Member
Burns White LLC
“Expert Negotiator”

“Value-add over $79MM”

“He is assertive”

It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Scott Fabean and his team for your commercial real estate projects.

I initially met Scott “in the streets” and viewed firsthand his passion for workers’ rights. He is a true friend of labor and puts words to action. Because of our real estate portfolio, I have also come to value his expertise in all matters real estate.

Over the years, we have relied on Scott and his team in our acquisitions and dispositions. When it came time to align our real estate decisions with our long-term organizational strategies, and in highly sensitive projects, he is the first person I relied on. His experience and devotion to representing tenants and buyers exclusively sets him and his firm apart. We know when using Scott, his fidelity is to our best interests. He is a loyal and persistent advocate.

I respect Scott for his intelligence and judgment; and, for how he integrates those talents in his business matters. You will benefit from using Scott and his team.

Leo W. Gerard, Int’l President
United Steelworkers






25 years of exclusively representing tenants and buyers.
We’ve represented clients on over 6 continents, and still – 0 conflicts of interest.


Vision Statement

For clients to experience us as exceptional and seek to refer us to others.

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To passionately advocate for our clients with conflict-free excellence.

10 Principles. TRA…

1. Optimizes our client’s real estate objectives.
2. Is loyal to our client, never to a landlord.
3. Is honest with our client.
4. Acts in our client’s best interest.
5. Strives not to what is legal, but what is right.
6. Listens mindfully to our client’s needs.
7. Never owns any commercial real estate.
8. Anticipates and communicates risks to our client.
9. Nurtures our personal and professional lives.
10. Seeks to treat others as we want to be treated.


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Recently, we created strategies for 2 clients to restructure their leases.

1 client received immediate relief of rent due to COVID-19. Saved $381K.

1 client reduced the RSF in their lease without reducing the actual size of their premises. Saved $570K.

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