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Case Study

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Thomas T. Kmiecik, COO
Krieg DeVault LLP
“Executes Brilliantly”
“They Deliver”

Scott and his team provide clear, detailed, and accurate communications. Further, they bring expert knowledge and integrity and have zero conflicts of interest as they only represent tenants. Their exhaustive process and detailed analyses have saved me time in my presentations to our senior leadership. Specifically, I would like to mention two recent projects for our law firm:


Renewal. We were a couple of weeks away from signing a renewal lease at one of our locations. Our local people had engaged a broker who negotiated the business terms and delivered their final results. Bottom-line, I felt they could have negotiated a more aggressive deal. Fortunately, Scott contacted our firm and introduced his services. In a very short period of time, he renegotiated our renewal and achieved the following:

  • 1.

    Reduced Base Rent by 9.8%

  • 2.

    Reduced Annual Rent Escalations by 20%

  • 3.

    Eliminated Our CAPEX Obligation

  • 4.

    Improved Base Year for Tax and OPEX Escalations

  • 5.

    Reduced Term From 7 Years to 5 Years

  • 6.

    Added Termination Option at 3 Years

  • 7.

    Added Signage for the Firm

In short, Scott listened to our objectives and goals for the site and executed them brilliantly. His team reduced our budget by over $200K. By the way, this was only for 5,500 SF. Scott cared more about this small project than others seem to on much larger projects – the difference was in the details.


Sublease. Within a month of being engaged, Scott and his team also surfaced a quality subtenant for our headquarters location in Indianapolis. While we were exposed to $1.5MM in rent, they saved nearly $1.1MM off our bottom line.

These two projects occurred in a span of four months from my first meeting with Scott. I have worked with many brokers over the years and I am especially impressed by Scott’s knowledge of how law firms work, his ability to listen, and most importantly his ability to perform on our behalf.

Scott and his team are true professionals in every sense of the word and have created significant value for our firm in a very short period of time. They deliver!

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