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LEASE – New | Renewal | Relocation

Restructuring | Expansion | Reduction

$79MM – The total client savings on a recent sustainable project. We won myriad private & public incentives and concessions by leveraging market conditions and creating competitive strategies among developers, landlords, investors, government agencies, and EDOs. These “wins” continue to propel our client’s short- and long-term success.

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Lease vs. Buy | Purchase vs. Build

Sometimes the best financial outcomes are paths we never took. By analyzing all options before a purchase, we can help you strike value from a position of leverage. One recent purchase netted our client over $1MM in value before they even took occupancy.

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Competitive Developing | Capital Markets

Our client’s key driver was speed-to-market. We led the creation and guidance of the project team using the forming-storming-norming-performing model first proposed by Bruce Tuckman in 1965. We accelerated the coordination of the team’s pooled, sequential, and reciprocal interdependence. The result? A sustainable building that was on time (<16 months) and under budget (>14%).

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Labor Analytics | Workplace Strategy | Demo/Psychographics

Mindfully listening to our clients is one of our key principles. It is vital in shaping our understanding of how multiple stakeholders contribute to overall business goals. Aligning real estate with those goals is essential. We discover and implement strategies that are cost-efficient and enhance our client’s employees' workplace experience. Recently, one client was able to reduce their footprint by over 28% while increasing employee retention and profits.

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Data Management | Analytics | Planning

Right Technology = Right strategy and you cannot afford to be stuck with technology that doesn’t perform flawlessly. Move more quickly from data to decision. Data collection, data analysis, and insights driven by them lead strategies in acquiring, disposing, and managing corporate real estate. We will help you navigate the technological waters from AI to ROI to ensure analytics serve your corporate objectives.

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Managing Risk | Saving Money

Our meticulous processes circumvent many common but avoidable issues. We “trust but verify” each and every charge from the landlord. In the event of a landlord mistake, we aggressively recover overpayments. We recently saved one client $1.6MM in dilapidations.

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FASB ASC 842, IFRS 16 and GASB 87

New standards demand transparency in leasing operations, accounting, IT, and financial reporting. Compliance relies on flawless processes and technology. We focus on optimizing our clients’ portfolios while strictly adhering to these new standards. We recently saved a client over $212K on one line item.

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PPA | ASC 805 & 820

When it comes to increasing our client’s cash flow, we are persistent as a dog on a bone. We lead using cost segs with other methods for tangible and intangible assets and help our clients navigate these strategies to unlock hidden value.